Q: What is happening?

A: BTN has been working very hard to complete an agreement with DIRECTV BTN has offered DIRECTV the same terms that have been agreed to by other pay-TV providers, however DIRECTV wants preferential treatment with terms that favor them alone. DIRECTV's current agreement with BTN ends on Saturday, August 30th. Unfortunately, we are disappointed to report that DIRECTV does not see the value in our network in the same way that so many of its customers do.

We remain committed to actively negotiating with DIRECTV in hopes of reaching a fair agreement. However, if DIRECTV drops BTN on August 31st, you should be aware of the facts so you don't miss any of your favorite BTN sports programming.

Q: I am a DIRECTV subscriber, am I affected?

A: If you are a DIRECTV subscriber that receives BTN, then you are affected. We expect DIRECTV will no longer make BTN available to its subscribers.

Q: What could I miss?

A: Big Ten fans could miss everything available on BTN and BTN2Go, including 34 football games this season, available exclusively on BTN and BTN2Go, as well as football Saturday pre-and post-game shows and Emmy-nominated original series such as The Journey: Big Ten Football and The Journey: Big Ten Basketball. A full list is below.

  • More than 450 live events
  • 34 exclusive football games, Football Pregame, Game Break and Postgame, The Final Drive
  • 175 college basketball games
  • Big Ten Hockey season (starting November) featuring MI, MSU, OSU, MN, PSU, WI
  • Emmy-nominated original series The Journey: Big Ten Football and The Journey: Big Ten Basketball

Q: Will only DIRECTV customers lose access to BTN?

A: Yes, only DIRECTV customers are affected. Fortunately, DIRECTV customers have alternatives, as all other major video providers offer BTN and BTN2Go.

Q: Where will BTN still be available?

A: All major video providers, other than DIRECTV, carry BTN and BTN2Go.

Q: Are your proposals "unreasonable?"

A: No. Our proposals are based on the value of BTN and the terms agreed to by other major distributors of BTN, and they are far less than DIRECTV charges for its own sports programming. By comparison BTN’s proposals are much lower than the reported cost of SEC Network, which was agreed to by DIRECTV.

Q: Is it true that if DIRECTV agrees to pay a fair value for the programming provided by BTN, it will force them to raise subscription fees?

A: Video providers such as DIRECTV are successful and profitable businesses. BTN, like all programmers, has no input on the prices they set for their customers or how much profit margin they choose to keep. BTN is doing its best to negotiate a fair deal.

Q: What can I do about this situation?

A: If DIRECTV will not give you access to BTN, others will. Find another video provider today. Go to IWantBTN.com or call 855-WANT-B10. To follow us on Twitter click here and #IWANTBTN, and to "LIKE" us at Facebook click www.facebook.com/BTN. If you would like receive updates on the status of the negotiations, enter your email and click "Submit" below, to receive emails from BTN about the status of DISH and occasional updates about other BTN programming and services. By clicking "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the BTN Privacy Policy.